Though embarrasing to admit, I have not updated this site in the past nine years... until now. Since that last update, I have co-founded a company named Codify Design Studio, and have written many articles, tutorials and online training courses that teach graphic designers to create responsive, and mobile friendly web designs — while my own, flash-only website, continued to gather dust (the carpenter's house is never finished).

So... here's my new site. Fully responsive, both for layout and download, and serving as a launchpad for my publications, courses, speaking engagements, and articles. As for my personal portfolio, that work has been rolled into the portfolio of Codify Design Studio.

Enjoy the new site, and find links to the design resources that I have been wokring on over the past 23 years of my career.

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Find over 30 step-by-step project-based courses that show you how in create interactive content for web, tablets, digital magazines, and ePUBs. Take these courses for free with a 7-day Free Trial.

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I have two courses on teaching step-by-step techniques for creating HTML and CSS. Join over 21,800 design professionals in my course Creating Respoonsive Web Design, which features techniques for responsive design and responsive download.

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Learn to convert your Photoshop web designs to HTML and CSS. PSD to HTML: The Missing Link of Web Design will show you a step-by-step process for building your first web page from scratch.